Microdermabrasion (Does not require S4 prescription medication)

This is a non-surgical exfoliating procedure which gently smooths the skin while stimulating the deeper collagen improving elasticity and tone. Your skin will feel vibrant and healthy, with a softer, smoother appearance. A series of microdermabrasion treatments helps to reduce fine lines and superficial wrinkles. There is no discomfort and you can return to work immediately.

This procedure also reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and skin blemishes, often caused by sun damage. It improves acne and acne scarring, and reduces the appearance of open pores by unclogging sebum (oil) build-up.
A series of six sessions is recommended initially for the first six weeks. Additional treatments at three-monthly intervals will maintain your skin in excellent condition. Most clients feel and see a difference just after one or two treatments.
All clients at Riverina Cosmetic Medicine will receive in addition to their microdermabrasion treatment, a low-level form of laser/phototherapy. The Blue LED attachment is specifically used to treat acne–causing bacteria. The Infrared LED light rebuilds the dermis to create a more rejuvenated appearance and helps to produce more collagen. Relax and enjoy your total facial rejuvenation experience.