Before you come for your appointment think about what you would like to achieve?  Most people would like to look and feel the best they can without too much change.  Here at Riverina Cosmetic Medicine we strive to be conservative and natural looking with our approach.  Should you have any queries, or like to make an appointment, please feel welcome to call us on    0458 266 979

Facial Aesthetic Assessment

The following points will be discussed during your initial consultation and facial assessment with Riverina Cosmetic Medicine’s Cosmetic Practitioner. This information is important to assist us in deciding the best treatment options for you.  You will be asked:

  • Your age and gender?
  • What particular areas do you feel have more lines or wrinkles, which make you feel older then your age?
  • If you have had any previous cosmetic procedures?
  • If you have had any previous cosmetic surgery?
  • If you have had cosmetic procedures before, was this treatment permanent, or temporary?

With your consent, your cosmetic practitioner will take “before and after”photos which will be reviewed at your follow-up consultation. They will be filed in your medical records and ONLY with your consent may also be used for education purposes.

Medical Assessment

Your medical history is important to us as this information assists us with your treatment options.

Your questions will include:

  • Your current physical health?
  • Your motivation & reason for treatment?
  • If you suffer from abnormal increased sweating (Hyperhidrosis)?
  • If you plan to, or have had any recent dental procedures?
  • If you are pregnant/breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy?
  • If you are taking any prescribed/ and or over counter medication?
  • If you have had COVID vaccine within 2 weeks?
  • If you have any flights booked within a week?
  • Experiences of excessive bleeding, inflammatory disease, tendency to bruise, develop cold sores, or current skin inflammation?
  • If you have any medical conditions, including allergies and hyper-sensitivities?
    (Those with Anaphylaxis to BEE stings are NOT eligible to have certain procedures)

Schedule 4 Medications Prescription ONLY

There are two main types of S4 medications (prescription only) used for cosmetic procedures at RCM.  In NSW cosmetic scripts are now 6 monthly.  You will require a script via our Telehealth link up with our rostered Cosmetic Physicians at first visits & again as required.  The 2 main S4 script medicines used are to weaken muscle activity and the other adds volume to the areas of need. Current Australian regulations restricts the use of the names of the medications used for these procedures.

When we are young our skin springs back to it is original position after facial expression. As we get older, collagen decreases and environmental factors such as sunlight, smoking and stress reduces skin tone, causing wrinkles and facial lines to become more prominent.

Here at RCM our service provides consultation on various pathways to treat facial lines and wrinkles. We strive to achieve natural looking results which are tailored to achieve your aesthetic goals.